Music, Words & Fireball Lattes. 

“Mom, can we listen to music?” Alana asks.

“Of course.”

I turn on some instrumental jazz and connect my phone to one of our speakers.

IMG_1441Sitting outside on the patio of our home with my daughter by my side, she writes and asks for help with spelling. I ask her to sound it out and try, please try, to be silent. She writes some more… and pauses to tell me she loves me. She also reminds me that she is a “chatterbox.” So, I pause and listen.

Some words need to be spoken even in silence. Sometimes we must pause and listen. And sometimes, most of the time, you need music in order to write.

We listen to the instrumentals of Somewhere Over the Rainbow & What a Wonderful World.

And I realize as I listen…

My Books

And I’m okay if this is it. As long as I fill up my books with moments like this…

I write these words and more on the patio. A few minutes later, my youngest daughter, Mia joins us with one of her painted dolls. Mia is an eccentric artist who had a doll painting period. Currently, she’s in a paint extracting period. She wants to remove all the paint from her dolls. I knew this day would come. Fortunately, most of the paint is easily removed. All were cleaned and returned to their original form. All except for one. She is spray painted white with red lines drawn down her face and a red dot in each palm of her hands.


“She makes fireballs.” Mia says. “Open your mouth. She makes fireball lattes.”

Lattes are my favorite coffee drink. Mia likes them too. She asks, when she can have her own one day. I tell her, when she turns 13. That sounds like a proper coffee drinking age to me. But I guess she can’t wait until she’s 13 so her dolls will create her wishes.

I continue to watch her play with her doll. And I think, Wow, this kid has a great imagination.

Alana looks up from her notebook and says, “Mia, you have a great imagination.”

“I was thinking the same thing!” I say.

“It was like I read your mind.” Alana says.

“Yes, it was.”


We are deeply connected.

I hope we will always be this way.

And I hope to fill up my life with more magical moments.

Peace & Love,

Ashley Kagaoan

Author: AshleyKagaoan

Ashley Kagaoan: wife, mother, writer, Libra, human. She currently resides in Southern California with her family.

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