In Between Pancake Flips.

I write because words pile up in my head while doing things like making pancakes. And I need to get them out before they are forgotten. And so, I write in between pancake flips.

I write because…

I’m a dreamer who thrives off of imagination.

I stare at trees, cars, people and bees and wonder how it all fits together. I love solving the puzzle and life’s mysteries.

I’m a traveler, constantly exploring and searching for a new adventure.

I’m a student who loves to learn to better understand and see clearly.

I write because there is more to me than what you see and I don’t know how else to share it.

I write because…

Words are beautiful and I fell in love with drawing them on paper.

In elementary school, I received many compliments on my penmanship. In group projects, students would ask me to be “The Writer.” It felt good to be recognized for my talent. The validation confirmed I had a skill. I had something to offer my community. I was a part of their puzzle.

I write because…

I need a voice.

I need someone to talk to without speaking.

I need someone to listen without speaking.

As a child, I could not speak to my parents about how I felt. I had to learn how to deal emotionally, on my own. But I needed something or someone. And a piece of paper was always there, waiting and wanting me to share my story.

Writing helped me work through my feelings. Between the writer and paper, there is trust and understanding. On the blank page, words set the truth free. I need to be free.

And although, I long for connection, I love to be alone. Writing saves me from locking myself away from the world. No matter who I try to hide from, a part of me wants them to read, so I won’t have to hide anymore. I hold onto hope, for when they read they’ll see my point of view.

Writing gives me courage to speak up for myself and the child within. I write for her, the child who felt her feelings never mattered. I write so she knows that it does. It all matters. Every word, every story, and every emotion.

I hold this pen to give her strength to tell her story. I hold this pen to hold her and every child in pain.

I hold this pen for you and me. Because I want to let you know I believe, as long as we keep moving forward, line by line, page by page, everything will be okay.

I write to keep on living and inspiring the writers of tomorrow.

Peace, Love & Writing,

Ashley Kagaoan


This post is in response to the writing challenge from Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds.

Are you a writer? Why do you write? I would love to know. Please share in the comments below. 

Author: AshleyKagaoan

Ashley Kagaoan: wife, mother, writer, Libra, human. She currently resides in Southern California with her family.

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