My Americana

5910424962_e0484ffa46_bI’ve been listening to a radio station called “Americana.” The sounds are folky, bluesy, country, twang and bluegrass.

And now I want a banjo and an escape into the country. I slip, as the banjo strums, into a daydream of life in my Americana.


There’s a lot of room, in fields of wildflowers, to roam and run and twirl. The field is surrounded by a forest of trees. There’s one by the water that’s special. It’s the one equipped with a rope swing. It glides over a lake to plop and dive into. My family splashes and shouts. And I plop, and float, silently immersing myself in a baptism. I listen for the birds and ask them to sing my prayers.

We swim for hours until we discover the stars and fireflies and try to determine, which is which. My family and I dry by the fire, and cook, and eat, and laugh until we are round with food and joy. We sing. We dance to the children playing guitars. My husband exhales through the harmonica. And I am the tambourine wo-man.

We sleep in bags in tents and rise with the sun and roosters in the morning. We eat breakfast by the remnants of last nights fire. And take another dip before we go. Our hair still dripping with holy water as we make our way back home.


I awoke from my daydream and realized I was alone. Alone but not lonely. I don’t mind it, as long as I have music and a piece of paper.

I think I wouldn’t mind a simpler life, lost in the country, so long as I have my family. That’s all I really need – music, writing, nature and family. And yes, I need them. We all need something and someone, not to “complete” us but to enrich our lives. Love and happiness reach their fullest expression when there’s someone to experience it with. That’s what I’ve learned. It takes more than one.

I need them – my people – my family, my words, my music, my home.

Our heart strings are forever entwined strumming to the sounds of our own Americana.


This is from a little free writing I did yesterday while listening to the “Americana” station on iTunes Radio. I’m hooked.

I hope you all have a lovely day. Turn on some tunes and be inspired.

Peace, Love & Writing,

Ashley Kagaoan

Photo credit: shaunanyi / Foter / CC BY

Author: AshleyKagaoan

Ashley Kagaoan: wife, mother, writer, Libra, human. She currently resides in Southern California with her family.

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