Friday the 13th.

There’s always the thought in the back of my mind, What if?

It’s Friday the 13th. What if something terrible happens?

I shake my head and remind myself, I don’t believe in Friday the 13th.

Yesterday, my washer and dryer finally gave out or I finally gave up on it. Either way, there was a mess to clean up.

I soaked up the water with towels, rung out the wet clothes and hung them up to dry in the bathroom. It was the one moment in my life where I wished I had a clothesline out back to hang the clothes the old fashioned way.

As I rung out the clothes, one by one, I found peace in doing something I knew many had done before me. I had an appreciation for the women who came before me and the hard work they endured to have clean clothes and linens.

I thought, if this is the worst thing to happen today, I’ll take it.

However, yesterday, I also received a sign of good luck from a lady bug. It was the second lady bug to land on me this month.

The first lady bug arrived a few weeks ago at the park. Mark and I were out for a walk when a lady bug clung to my pregnant belly. We stopped to acknowledge it and say, hello. Mark took my picture to capture the moment when our baby was blessed by a bug.

The second lady bug appeared at the pool yesterday, Friday the 13th. I was unpacking our things and getting ready to lounge on a chair when I noticed how sore my calf muscles felt. I looked down to check on my poor achy parts and found a lady bug crawling up one of my calves.

The lady bug came to remind me, it’s all good pain. The hard work, the extra weight and the achy muscles, is a good kind of pain. And there’s blessings to be found even on the “worst” of days.  



Author: AshleyKagaoan

Ashley Kagaoan: wife, mother, writer, Libra, human. She currently resides in Southern California with her family.