Door #35

Thursday started off like most days. My husband kissed me goodbye before he left for work. Shortly after, the kids and I rose from our beds. The girls got ready for school and were out the door before 8 AM. I spent the morning with my son. And around 11 AM, we went for a drive. It was nap time and I had a strong craving for fries. I drove to In-N-Out and ordered animal fries. They sat in the passenger seat as I took the long way home to lull my son to sleep. Once home, I put him to bed and devoured my fries.

Before and after I satisfied my craving, I spoke on the phone with four different people. Which was unusual for me but very comforting.

Later on, I picked the girls up from school and took a short nap on the couch before my youngest daughter’s cross-country practice. I shouldn’t even call it a “nap.” I lied there for about ten minutes with my eyes shut.

At the park, where practice was held, I sat alone in my car and read a book. I put the book aside and sent my husband a text: I miss you. I wrote.

He wrote back and said he missed me too and that he was hungry.

I asked if dinner was ready and he responded: Almost. I’m making your favorite.

Awesome. I forget what my favorite is though, lol. 

Whatever I’m making. He wrote.

That’s right. How could I forget. I responded with a wink emoji and heart.

Practice finally ended and night fell. We drove home under the street lights.

Mia and I walked up the dark path to our home. In the windows I saw the shadow of a banner. That’s sweet, I thought.

Mia and I approached the door. As I unlocked it she said, “You know what? I’ve never been to a surprise party before.”

The door opened and a room full of familiar faces yelled, “Surprise!”

I covered my face with my hand and immediately walked back outside. I was overcome with emotion. The tears flowed wildly. I had to wait a moment to pull myself together.

With open arms, I walked through the door. I embraced my loved ones and my age. My heart was full. It was a great Thursday.


We never really know what’s behind the door, do we?