hello, heart

I asked my heart to speak,

but all it did was beat

like a foot against the ground.

I can stomp my heart

like I stomp my feet.

when I don’t tread carefully,

I step in glass and bleed.

a foot has a sock to wrap itself in.

a heart has nothing but hope.







new light

He changed

like that droopy plant I moved.

After a few minutes of new light,

it stood tall.

It’s been one week since we moved our son into a new room with his big sisters. He’s been sharing a room with mom and dad for long enough.  Abe is a few months shy of turning 4, and this week we hit a milestone. It’s hard for me to describe all of the ways, but I’ve notice a big change in him: his language, the way he interacts with us, and the way he plays. He’s less baby and more kid. I think the quarantine, and his sisters and daddy being home more, also has a lot to do with the changes. And it’s just part of the process, right? He’s growing up.

One of the biggest changes this week, other than his new room, is that he’s been less attached to me throughout the day. He’s usually right by my side, and now I can go about my business without my little shadow constantly following me around. It is so weird, but also so nice! For example, I was able to do an entire 45 minute workout video today with minimal interruption. That never happens!  I’m so excited about this transition for the both of us. I feel am grateful to have the opportunity to watch my children grow every day.

On that note, I also love watching my plants grow! I spent too much time today just staring at my plants. I love noticing all of the subtle changes. I also did a little research on some of them to find the perfect spot for them to flourish.

My son is in the right spot for now, and he’s growing beautifully, as well as some of the plants. I’m not an expert on plants, or children, but I try my best.

Anyway, this is where the poem came from. I wanted to write it down so I wouldn’t forget.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time,






My head is split open, but I never saw the ax.

A woodpecker flies in to work and invites friends to keep him company.

Lock me up in a room without light, so I can get lost in the dark.

My dreams will do the mending.

Although, I’ve had a headache all day, today was not a bad day. I was still in good spirits, but I am looking forward to going to bed.

Goodnight readers. May your dreams be sweet by casting away the demons from the day.

Until next time…