p o e t r y  

power to quiet riot.

you, I, we

try to put out worry,

yet we’re prey tore up.

true to pie or woe.

erupt wit per eye,

too wet,

row or wipeout.

you toy, I pot,

we repot


Tonight, I noticed all of the letters in the word poetry are in the top row of letters on the keyboard. So I wrote a poem using only the letters in that row: q w e r t y u i o p.

Feel free to try this exercise! And if you do, please share your poem with me.

Thank you for reading.






mother earth

I could do more to love her:

explore her, attend to her,

clean her, sing to her,

play with her, or leave her alone.

There’s more, or less, I could do…

Sometimes, I get confused

when she keeps on spinning

round and round,

and my feet are still on the ground.

What else could I do,

but be marveled, and say, “thank you.”

Thank you for giving to me

e v e r y t h i n g

I need

and more…