Begin Again.

I haven’t posted anything since October, a few days before Grandma passed away.

In my last post, I wrote about trying to get a bug out of my car and killing it in my attempts to set it free. I sat in the passenger seat while Mark drove us to the hospital to visit my grandmother. The Dodgers were playing in the first game of the World Series. Mark and I both wore blue and listened to the game on the way to the hospital.

At the hospital, we turned the game on the television. Grandma told us, in between moans, how she and Grandpa used to get season tickets. I’ve never seen her in so much pain. She shut her eyes tightly, crying aloud, her body tense and clenched. The pain would come in waves and last about a minute or so. She told us she waited to take the pain meds so she wouldn’t be out of it during our visit. I asked her to please take the meds.

At one point Grandma said, “Okay, I’ll have alcohol now.” She laughed.

“What did you say?” I said. “Say it again so I can get you on camera.”

We all laughed.

I never saw my grandmother drink alcohol my entire life. She never drank. But she drank Pepsi like water. Before we left for the hospital I asked if she needed anything. The answer was, “A cold Pepsi.”

I knew from seeing her in so much pain and the alcohol comment that this was not a good sign.

At some point she finally got her meds and the pain decreased.

The Dodgers beat the Astros that night 3-1. I was glad she got to see it. And I was thankful my husband was there with us. He always made her laugh. We had a great visit despite the pain, there was Pepsi, Dodgers and laughter.

I felt guilty leaving her but her pain had subsided and Mark and I were starving.

We kissed her goodbye, told her we loved her and we’d see her again soon.

Mark and I left and as we walked toward the parking structure, Mark playfully grabbed me and pulled me into the stairwell for a romantic kiss. We kissed and laughed at our cheesy affections.

We went to sushi for dinner. Mark talked a lot with the sushi chef and the chef kept handing us things we didn’t order. But everything was delicious. I think he enjoyed our company.

I told Mark how appreciative I was that he went to see Grandma with me. And how I was so happy that he made her laugh.

We ate too much sushi, drank some beer and sake and felt comforted for the night.

Five days later Grandma passed away and the Dodgers lost game five of the series. Mark and I were there, along with other family members and friends, and it was a very long and heart wrenching day. There was a sense of peace when Grandma finally let go but I had yet to let go.

And I stopped writing for a number of reasons but mostly because I felt lost.

Well, I don’t feel as lost anymore but I’m still working on letting go.

There is so much I could write about her. I could fill a book. And maybe one day I will.

The one thing I will say is: she wanted to be the one, the only, the capital “G” – Grandma. She hated when I would say grandma followed by her name because she wanted to be number one.

Well, Grandma, you were it. My number one “G,” best G-Ma eva. I will love you always.

Bits & Pieces of Me.

The girls felt the baby kick for the first time! They squealed and giggled in amazement. And I laughed like a jolly Buddha with a big round belly. The girls poked their fingers against my tummy. “It feels squishy.” One of them said. “It’s like jelly.”

Mmm…jelly filled donut…

I explained about the amniotic sac and how the baby pees in there. “Ew.” They said.

Alana put her head on my belly. And Mia pushed her off yelling, “You’re touching the pee!”


Today, Mark and I went to my ultrasound appointment and we saw the baby’s peanut. It’s a boy! I’m so excited. A part of me never expected this to happen but now I know, it was meant to be. I can’t wait to meet our son, Abraham Makai Kagaoan, and learn all about him. I’m so happy. And so is Mark, of course. He started acting all tough and macho. He feels like he accomplished something because there are so many girls in his family.

I’m can’t wait to see how the girls interact with their brother. I feel so full of love. My heart is expanding along with my waistline.









Beautiful Creatures

495Every morning, I take the dog out to do his business. There are small grass patches with trees, flowers, bushes and things outside of my home. My dog, Bubba, is very particular about where he decides to go. This morning, I laughed at him as he raced from one patch to the next, sniffing for the perfect spot. Finally, he could hold it no longer and went wherever he landed.

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