Things appear quiet but I am working, writing daily in my journal, creating new ideas in new phases and phrases. I love writing with pen and paper. I love the flow of the pen’s drawn out dance along the page. I feel free to make and be a mess.

I ask myself a lot of questions in a quest to expand my point-of-view and open my mind and heart to see things anew.  In this new space is a vast place to gather more words, a greater vocabulary, for this wonderful world and future worlds longing to be created.

I felt as though something were missing. Something memorable. A memory perhaps? I can’t remember, which is why I have trouble with details. How can I describe what I vaguely recall?

I have always struggled with being descriptive, showing not telling. I’m learning how to see things differently and use new words to associate with things. I’m exploring and remembering to write it all down.

I am writing what I find in need of expansion and growth.

Peace, Love, & Writing,

Ashley Kagaoan

Notes: This post is in response to a prompt from Studio 30+.


I am transitioning. It seems as though I’m always transitioning from one phase to the next. It’s the in between space that is torture.

What would you call that place, the space between? That place where you stop frozen in your tracks, unsure of which road to choose. The choices will they define us?

I believe what truly defines us is how we make our decisions. Is it fear based or does it stem from love?

I choose love. And with love there is always patience. I must be patient while being open and continuing to do my work which is writing from the soul.

Peace & Love,

Ashley Kagaoan