Tender and turbulent –

there’s a fire in her heart.

A natural nurturer,

with hugs like magic.

A keen observer,

she sees what we miss.

A generous storyteller,

both sensitive and snarky.

Clever girl,

turns everything into a game.

Born with eyes full of wisdom

like she’s been here before.

She has grandmother’s healing hands.

I am compelled to call her Mother,

but I don’t wish to burden her.

My daughter,




Children played with action figures

in a circle on the floor.

Daddy went for a run,

Mommy snuck out of the room

to change, to be ready:

clean clothes – check.

brushed teeth – check.

washed face – check.

combed hair – check

She felt refreshed.

But there was one more thing she needed to reset:

a moment of silence to be with herself.

There she sat, she wrote, and wondered,

how long it would be until they found her…



She has music at her fingertips

and curls that don’t want to be tamed.

Her curious eyes sparkle with wonder.

She’s sassy and confident.

When she looks in the mirror

she loves what she sees.

She’s a brave performer,

a passionate leader

who still feels nervous and shy.

Born anxious,

so she turns to art to find her peace.

She’s loud and clumsy,

a spirited girl.

My daughter,