I’ll Never Know.

As I strolled around the park with Abe,  the sun shone through the clouds, and The Sounds of Silence streamed through my phone. I paused to capture a patch of dandelions. Never had I seen so many wishes waiting to be fulfilled. 

I passed groups of benches in search of one for me. I sat down and wrote as my sweet babe snoozed.

Birds chirped, “Tweet, tweet.” And men played tennis nearby, “whaack, bounce, whaack.”

A breeze shook the trees and freed leaves barely holding on. My nose gently ran. I sniffed and looked up as a fly zipped by. The grassy hills were rich with green. A bolder color than I could remember. 

I documented things to practice bringing life to the page. If only I could write it all down. There was too much to describe and many details I’d never know. 


I wore Abe in a baby carrier as Alana rode her bike around the park. She rode along with two other children. I felt nervous letting her go but I knew it was good for her to expand her wings a bit out of my reach.

Mia was on the swing. She looked so peaceful. I walked over to say hello. She smiled at me and said, “I should draw this.”

Moments later, she stopped swinging but there she remained. She turned sideways tucking her legs up on the seat, while her hands held the chain in front of her. Her gaze wondered at the grassy fields and trees. She looked like my daydream.

I wanted to take a picture but I felt it would ruin her moment. So, I continued to dream from a park bench.

Alana finished biking and asked Mia for a turn on the swing.

Mia came to the bench and pulled out her notebook. And I asked her for mine.

I noticed how Alana swings higher now. Her hair flapped in her face as she looked back at me and grinned.

With Abe asleep on my chest, I leaned back against the table and wrote in my notebook. And in that moment, I captured these.

Days Like This. 

Days like this, 
the sun shining and gentle breezes whistling trees. 
The ducks fly over head, honking as they flee. 
I kick off my California shoes. 
My toes wet with fertile soil dance through cool blades of grass. 
I spread my arms and fall, trusting the earth to catch me. 
And my rocket-eye-sockets dart off into space. 
Somewhere, some place, 
lost in a day’s dream.