Mia and Abe were bent over squatting at the base of a tree. Mia said, “This is the smallest one I’ve found.”

They’ve moved on from snails to rollie-pollies. As Mia observed the tiny rollie-pollie in her hand, a breeze blew through the trees knocking little yellow flowers down from their cascading branches. “Mia, there are little flowers in your hair.” I told her.

She was too captivated by the rollie-pollie to notice. She watched as it crawled quickly all over her hand. “It’s so fast.” she said as she tried to keep it there.

I went inside to grab my journal and sat down to write on the steps outside our door. Mia came over with her plastic container, an indoor rollie-pollie garden with a new addition. Abe trailed behind her. We sat together on the steps, Abe perched up on the stair railing. “Mom, guess what I learned?” Mia said. “The babies are the fastest.”

Yes, they are. They grow fast, and they move fast, and my head is often spinning trying to keep track of all the new information of all three of them. Yesterday, I was shocked to discover that Abe no longer likes hummus! One of the few foods I could count on. The one I knew he loved. Before he could walk, he was devouring hummus like a hungry puppy dunking his head in the container to lick it all up. I have pictures and videos documenting his hummus love affair. And now it’s over, just like that. I feel offended on behalf of the hummus.

And, of course, it’s not just Abe who’s growing out of things and into new things. These days, my daughter, Alana never wants to come out of her room. And Mia is constantly taking over the kitchen and using the stove and oven without any supervision. All of a sudden, she knows what she’s doing in there. And both girls have spontaneously grown out of their clothes and shoes. I gave Alana a pair of my shoes two days ago because not one of her shoes fit. I know it doesn’t happen over night but sometimes it feels like it.

And I’m not complaining (okay, maybe a little) but I do love this season. It’s spring! The babies are growing along with the plants. That’s natures plan. And sometimes, maybe I feel a little left out. I no longer grow in a way that is physically measured. There are subtle changes like more gray hairs and wrinkles, and more candles on the birthday cake. I do have a new love for pineapple, but that might just be a spring/summer fling. Anyway, what I mean to say is my growth feels slower, almost unnoticeable. How I grow now-a-days is more of an emotional, mental, or spiritual growth. And I’m guilty of reverting to past ways of being like I’m trying to cling on to something from my youth. It’s hard to see or remember the growth that has occurred, even if I’ve written it down.

In short, I agree with Mia’s observation. The babies are the fastest. I try to watch them and notice all the changes, but sometimes it’s hard for this slow poke to keep up. That’s why I grab my journal, so I can write it all down.