My head is split open, but I never saw the ax.

A woodpecker flies in to work and invites friends to keep him company.

Lock me up in a room without light, so I can get lost in the dark.

My dreams will do the mending.

Although, I’ve had a headache all day, today was not a bad day. I was still in good spirits, but I am looking forward to going to bed.

Goodnight readers. May your dreams be sweet by casting away the demons from the day.

Until next time…





are dreams truths denied?

secrets and fears, inner desires,

lurking in the deep well

we’ve thrown them in.

lost monsters threaten reality.


dreams mess with the mind,

tug at the heart,

the gut aches,

eyes open but drown in water,

the monster broke through.


death to each day,

but not to dreams,

minds are stirring –

monsters awaiting.

do we ever really sleep?